Mission and Goals

Proven Networks was founded as a subsidiary of Proven Arabia Group, with a special focus on enterprise grade networking and IT services. The mission was to empower enterprises with technology customized to provide them a competitive edge. Along with our reliable circle of tech partners that include some of the biggest names in IT industry, we are pushing enterprises forward on the road of progress. Our mission is to establish a cycle of collaboration where opportunities are not just availed but also created.

Extensive Experience and Knowledge

We understand that we are not the sole provider of corporate network and technology related services in the region. That is why we have built our whole business upon one thing that sets us apart – our region specific experience and knowledge.

We have been serving the companies is Saudi Arabia for decades now. We understand the economic landscape, the opportunities as well as challenges. Based on that knowledge, we create strategies that can pave way for progress and growth. We don’t focus on just one business, but on how one business can operate efficiently enough to facilitate growth on a bigger scale. We help businesses play their role in enhancing the performance of their own industry, and ultimately, the economy.

A Name of Trust

As a part of Saudi’s most reputable business consulting group, Proven Networks boasts an enviable reputation and record. We work with well known partners from across the globe.We are a team that believes in establishing a long term relationship based on mutual trust and goodwill.

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We believe that we are all a part of one huge machinery and technology is the only fluid that can get the gears rolling.